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Using Popular TV Shows and Films to Drive Traffic to Your Website

11 Sep 2017 | Caroline's Edits

Hands up if you’re guilty of watching television as you tap away on your phone, scroll through Instagram or update your Facebook status?

Watching television and browsing social media go hand in hand so take advantage of this and use it to drive relevant traffic to your website by tapping into a topic that readers can easily identify with.

Decide How to Feature It: Then think about what angles make the show relevant to your business. If you’re a cake maker then GBBO will be an easy topic, the show tends to announce the next week’s bakes in advance so you can plan your content. If you are targeting a lifestyle audience then an opinion piece of content on relationships or a fun list of reasons why a couple are “relationship goals” on Love Island will work for you.

Promote It: It’s unlikely this type of content will rank on search engines so you need to make sure your new blog or article can be found by your potential customers. Promote the post on your social media pages using hashtags that support your industry and your chosen show – pay particular attention to the time of the week that the show airs. If you can also have this post feature in a prominent place on your website then that’s an added bonus.

It doesn’t just have to be current television shows and films that bring in readers, Friends, Gossip Girl and Harry Potter still have a strong following and readers will want to click through to see what you’ve said about their favourite show

Don’t Forget…

Try and make sure you’re creating your own take or angle on the show and use images that are relevant to your business and your post.

Also avoid using direct screenshots from the show just to keep you free from any copyright infringement. If you really want to include a specific moment or cast member then adding in gifs will usually be a safer option.

Then what?

Make sure at the end of your post, you direct your readers where to go next – whether that’s to another blog post or article or a relevant special offer you might have.

If you love the idea of driving more traffic to your website through relevant content but just don’t have the time then take a look at our services page and contact us for more info.