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5 Reasons Why Your Wedding Business Needs a Blog

28 Jun 2018 | Weddings, Work & Careers

reasons your website needs a blog

Go to any wedding company’s website and you are quite likely to find a blog – but do they really need it? What is it there for? Should you have one? Whether you have an existing blog on your website that is a little bit neglected or you are thinking about adding a blog, here are the five reasons why you need a blog on your website.

It improves your SEO

By adding a blog to your website, you have a much stronger chance of improving your SEO. This means that when potential customers use search engines to find wedding related ideas and businesses, they are much more likely to find your website in the search results pages. There are many ways to build a strong website but by having a frequently updated blog, you will be off to a great start.

You have more to post about on social media

Do you log into your social media pages and then feel unsure at what to add? Blogs are the perfect thing to post to your social media accounts and gives your followers new and relevant content to see. Don’t forget that your followers won’t see every single post you put up so don’t feel afraid to post a link to your blog more than once, especially if it isn’t time specific.

You can build a personality for your brand

You might want to build a brand that exudes elegant and style, or perhaps you want to keep things light hearted and fun? No matter what your style, a carefully crafted blog can help you create this. The more content on your website that shows off your style, the more chance you have of potential customers seeing this and identifying with your brand.

You have a place to share your news

Your social media accounts are a great place to share updates and news about your company but a blog allows you to go into much more detail. If you have been shortlisted for an award then write a post about it! Or perhaps you have a lovely wedding story from a happy couple – share it (with their permission of course!).

You can build trust with your audience

Unlike other lifestyle brands, wedding businesses have the tricky problem of having a potential customer’s attention for just a short few months as they plan their wedding, this leaves limited time to build brand trust. As well as adding some personality, a blog also shows your website is recently updated, it connects the customer with you and helps build that trust.

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